ManikChandNayakUtthan&Sewa (MANUS) Trust is a charitable Non-Governmental Organization established for betterment of our society through various activities like Free Education for Child Labour, Books and Stationary Distribution, Health check-up camps, andother services either directly through its own projects or in partnership with Government and local NGOs.

In 2012 while working with corporate giants like ESSAR, Reliance, Flipkart, he realized that there is lot to do for the society even though thousands of projects are there. So Mr. Vinod Kumar Gupta left his job and return back to his village and started doing social services for the needy people. In the year 2017 he realized to have a proper channel to do this work and then with theGod’s grace and blessings of his great grandparent Late Manik Chand Nayakhe register a trust and named it MNAIKCHAND NAYAK UTTHAN & SEWA Trust in short MANUS Trust.

MANUS Trust is also engaged in providing quality education to the students of age group 3 to 5 years through it’s education arm Petals Vallee School. Here we have a mix of students from different financial background. We also provide children free education if our Board of Trustee approves their application after doing a hard background verification.